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TukTuk Thailand to Belgium


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My name is Sylvain Tihon, I’m from Belgium. I am a young architect, a passionate traveller, adventurer, and explorer of the World. In February 2019, I started a solo expedition driving a TUKTUK from THAILAND to BELGIUM: 20,000km through some of the most extraordinary terrains on our planet (check out the adventure here : (Instagram, Facebook).

Passionate about architecture, my goal is to visit diverse projects in relation to Child protection and the notion of home throughout the 20-plus countries between Thailand and Belgium.



"Every child has the right to belong somewhere and grow up in a safe, loving, and inclusive environment"

Millions of children worldwide experience the worst kinds of rights violations. Many more, not yet victims, are inadequately protected against them.

A child cannot be brought up in such an environment.

UNICEF uses the term ‘child protection’ to refer to prevention and response to violence, exploitation and abuse of children in all contexts. This includes reaching children who are especially vulnerable to these threats, such as those living without family care, on the streets or in situations of conflict or natural disasters.


"Giving a child a sense of protection is giving a child a home. "

Let us do a little part and try to make a big difference in bringing them a safer environment to grow.

Together, let’s make it possible! Donate, like, share !



5 000€ provide essential material for emergency Child Friendly Spaces (CFS): 45sqm tent, tarpaulin sheets, early childhood development kits, recreation kits.. Because CFSs can be established quickly and respond to children’s rights to protection, CFSs are typically used as temporary supports that contribute to the care and protection of children in emergencies.

10 000€ provide access for 30 children to a Makani center in Jordan for 1 year. In Makani (“my space” in Arabic) centers, Syrian refugee children are offered learning support services, lifeskills and community-based protection services. The program aims to promote and contribute to children’s full development and well-being – physical, cognitive, social and emotional.

20 000€ provide rescue and rehabilitation of 90 exploited and/or trafficked children in Nepal. This includes emergency support (shelter, counselling, medical care and legal aid) while the child’s family is traced and assessed and a long-term response is being arranged.

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Dries Merckx


Lillo Mendola


Jacques Bliss


Nick Naifeh


Mélanie Tollenaere


Edith Van Oost


Geneviève De Bauw (Thank You & good Night prod.)


Colette Tihon


Gaelle Renson


Jean-François Renson

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Avec un don de 30€, vous financez l’équivalent de 300 vaccins contre le tétanos néonatal.


Avec un don de 60€, vous financez l’équivalent de 150 sachets de pâte nutritionnelle. En se nourrissant de trois sachets par jour pendant une semaine, un enfant souffrant de malnutrition peut reprendre jusqu’à 1KG.


Avec un don de 126€, vous financez l’équivalent d’une bicyclette, permettant aux enfants vivant dans des zones rurales de se rendre à l’école ou aux travailleurs de santé d’atteindre chaque enfant lors des campagnes de vaccination.


Avec 600 € collectés vous financez l’équivalent de trois « écoles en boîte », chacune procurant tout le matériel nécessaire pour donner cours à 40 élèves en situation d’urgence et ce, partout dans le monde.


Avec 1500€ collectés, vous financez l’équivalent de 4 pompes à eau, procurant de l’eau potable à plusieurs centaines de personnes.