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20km for UNICEF

par Daniel Gregory

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To get back into distance running I decided train for the Brussels 20km (12mi) in just under 2 months time (at time of registration). I haven't run more than 5km (3mi) in probably 6 years.

"What compels a man to this level of hubris?" you may ask. Part of it is fear and not understanding where my personal limits are, but a much larger portion is getting to run for a charity. This year, I'm running for UNICEF. I might not be great, but the cause is. As a means of motivation (fear of disappointing others is my love language) I am collecting donations, each one will power me through at least another 400m (1/4mi) of training.

The odd target number of €562 is significant in its relation to why I am available to run the 20km. Currently, the US immigration process for Spouse visas is about 18mo from start to finish. That's 562 days. So I am raising €1 per day of the process.

Anything you can contribute helps immensely, and motivates me to remember how to run for that long.


How to Donate: A guide through the french user interface (if oyu have google chrome, there is a translate tool available in the browser)

A) click on the "Je soutiens cette collecte" button, it means "i am making a donation" (literally "I am sustaining this collection"). This will take you to a page with 3 sections, left to right.


B) The leftmost says "1. Mon Don" which means "my donation" you put a monetary amount you are willing to donate in the box. Below, a blue box will appear with a lower amount of money. This is a tax deduction you can claim for your donation in Belgium. This is supposedly transferrable to other countries, how to do that is left as an exercise for the reader.


C) "2. mes Coordonnées" in the middle means "my details." here, you put your email, check the box if you are donating under the name of an organization or society, and then fill out your name and address. In french, 'Prénom' is first name and 'Nom' is last name. 'Code Postale' is post code and 'ville' is city. The US will be under E for "Etats Unis" in the country drop-down menu. Youo may check the box underneath country to receive marketing and newsletters, but they will be in French.


D) The rightmost box says "3. mon paiement" this is where you put in card details. First you select your method of payment (paypal or credit card and type) followed by clicking "valider". Your card/account details go on the next page


E) Put in your card detaisl like the card number, expiration date, and CCV code on the back. Press "Oui, je confirme mon paiement" to confirm payment and go to your bank's online purchase security system, if it has one.


F) you're done! The following page gives you the option of registering an account on the UNICEF website, this is not required. I have received the donation and will bear the weight of your expectations from this point hence.



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Avec un don de 30€, vous financez l’équivalent de 300 vaccins contre le tétanos néonatal.


Avec un don de 60€, vous financez l’équivalent de 150 sachets de pâte nutritionnelle. En se nourrissant de trois sachets par jour pendant une semaine, un enfant souffrant de malnutrition peut reprendre jusqu’à 1KG.


Avec un don de 126€, vous financez l’équivalent d’une bicyclette, permettant aux enfants vivant dans des zones rurales de se rendre à l’école ou aux travailleurs de santé d’atteindre chaque enfant lors des campagnes de vaccination.


Avec 600 € collectés vous financez l’équivalent de trois « écoles en boîte », chacune procurant tout le matériel nécessaire pour donner cours à 40 élèves en situation d’urgence et ce, partout dans le monde.


Avec 1500€ collectés, vous financez l’équivalent de 4 pompes à eau, procurant de l’eau potable à plusieurs centaines de personnes.